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AFC International cooperates with
coaches and networks from several countries.


The AFC Netherlands was founded in April 2019 by Hilbrand and co-founders Bina, Aurélie and Soorien. Together they have been able to create a special concept with heart and soul, which we will now develop and continue to develop with a full team.

In addition to the work Hilbrand does for AFC he's also been working internationally for a number of years and built up some valuable partnerships. To continue this collaboration we've founded AFC international. Because we as adoptees are so globally spread out, we think it's important to stay in touch with adoption coaches from all over the world. To create and spread awareness and give the right aftercare all adoptees need.

As fellow adoptees, we share the same pain and know what it's like to turn cloudy water into clear water again. It is a road and a responsibility that everyone can bear. To remain standing and confront yourself, your adoption, distance and autonomy requires courage, strength and openness from yourself.

The AFC is there to support you in this. As a guide, a mirror and sometimes to give you that extra push you need to keep going.

We coach you with a well-stocked backpack. For years, our baggage is filled with thorough and focused research into adoption and trauma work. In addition, we work and continue to work on our own process. We strive to be guides who are well connected with their own body and process, by regularly continuing to confront ourselves. We complement each other with our different personal themes, knowledge and qualities. With the common goal to make other adoptees and fostered healthier, learning them to stand stronger in life and to bring out the core in them. This way we provide personalized support, where Safety, Trust and Connection come first.


International Coaching

Here you'll find an overview of a number of international coaches. You can see in which country they are located, the contact person and the website. If your country is not listed or would you like to get in touch with Hilbrand? Then let us know via our contact form.

Image by Jonathan Bean


More information can be found on their facebook or website.

Margarita Soledad Assettati

Kim Soo-bok 

Image by Christian Wiediger


More information can be found on their facebook or website.

Melanie Adela Vega



More information can be found on their facebook or website.

Lynelle Long

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